Simple But Effective Game Pigeon Hacks: Help You Win!

Simple But Effective Game Pigeon Hacks: Help You Win!

You won’t be let down by these simple but effective Game Pigeon cheats or hacks.

Game Pigeon cheats and hacks sound unethical and go against the rules of the game, right? To make Game Pigeon more interesting and entertaining while playing with your friends, we are not discussing any policy or rule violations here; rather, we are talking about some simple skills and extra abilities.

Now, let’s take a look at these simple, but effective and free hacks for Game Pigeon:

8 Ball Hack – Game Pigeon Hacks

8 Ball Pool

8 It’s fun to play ball, but what if you’re not as good as your opponent and don’t want to lose to your friend? That won’t happen if you perfectly implement these pigeon 8-ball cheats, though. You will undoubtedly triumph over your adversary handily.

So, let’s confuse your friends In 8 ball match on Game Pigeon, take a look at these tips on behalf of my personal experience:


Make sure you’re the first player when you get to the game’s final screen so that this technique will work. Make sure to aim the fourth ball only on your right hand, and now slide down the stick to full power and hit the ball.

Once you apply the method mentioned earlier, two of the balls shall go into the pot. If so, you can be certain that the trick is working at this point, right? By using the tips, you were able to win the game. Now that you’ve done that, you can play the game normally.


I use the Game Pigeon 8 Ball Pool Hack’s additional tips every time I play a shot with the 8 ball because they are really cool. For applying this Game Pigeon cheats 8 ball trick, you will be required to have an object such as a pencil, ruler, or any paper to make the right angle.

The best thing about this approach is that it functions in both short and long shots. Aiming for the potting ball is the easy trick; if you don’t get the right alignment, the ball will also miss.

Mancala – Game Pigeon Hacks

Mancala – Game Pigeon Hacks

Mancala is also one of the popular games in Game Pigeon, and you can apply my personal experience hacks to this game and surprise them with your winning streak.

To begin with, note down these [11443414121251] numbers because this is the magical number for the If you’re somewhere and it’s not possible to write down, you can copy these instead.

When your friend sends the game, ask him to put “Avalanche Mode” as Normal or Random. Any mode will work in this case, but has to be “Avalanche Mode”. From the number above just memorize the first digit which is a “1”. As you can see on the game screen there are 1 through 6 bowls with small balls on the left and the same on the right side.

Counting from the left bottom is the number “1”. Start from the left bottom bowl which is “1”. You just need to tap on the bowl in accordance with the above-provided number, and that’s all there is to it.

Now for an example let’s talk about the third digit which is “4”. You need to select the fourth bowl by counting the bowls from the left bottom up. You then have a free turn once more there. Aren’t the intriguing Game Pigeon Hacks currently the ones that have been tried and true? Happy Winning!

Anagrams – Game Pigeon Hacks


There is only one fairly straightforward technique. If you are using an iPhone, you will need a second device so that you can find the words to look at. If you are good at multitasking, you may be able to use it on the same device. 

Make sure your browser is open and that the website mentioned above is accessible. Sign in if necessary. Press start once you’ve arrived at the game’s screen. Now let’s assume it throws a 6-letter word like “I N O P A S”.

You just have to type these alphabets on and it will show you all the related searches that contain “I N O P A S”. You have once more won! Another Game Pigeon cheat has been tried and tested. Enjoy!

Word Hunt – Game Pigeon Hacks Word Hunt

GamePigeon Word Hunt

Therefore, by using the iMessage games hack procedure while playing a Word Hunt game, you can always succeed. Start the game on your iPhone. Additionally, if you’re having trouble with Bluetooth, iTunes, AirDrop, or changing the name of your iPhone, learn how here with a simple guide.

The best thing about this website is it comes with a user-friendly interface, and no need to spend much time understanding the complete functionality of this website. On the home screen, you can see the website says “Enter Your Letters.” Fill in all of the grids that appear on your screen in the same way, using the provided letters.

The website will show the precise word order; keep pressing space and enter to create the pattern on your device’s screen.

Darts – Game Pigeon Hacks

Darts Hack

We all love playing Darts and it’s very annoying when you are not able to pull a bull’s eye. LOL, I experience this. Let’s get to the point right away.

First of all, you need to go to the [Setting] on your iOS device, then tap on [Accessibility], then tap on [Touch] > [Assistive Touch] >, and then [Create a New Gesture].

Just replicate the movement, touch the screen, and move it upwards without lifting your thumb or finger.

Keep in mind that the gesture must resemble the movement of your thumb unlocking the phone’s screen, which is an upward slide. As darts, save this gesture. Make sure the assistive touch is turned on.

Now come back to the game screen, open the setting and tap on assistive touch > Custom, and then select the new gesture you just saved as darts.

Do a dart throw now. It’s awesome to get a 25er every time you throw the dart with this one. You simply need to confirm that you saved the custom gesture correctly. If not, you can always remove it and try saving a different gesture.

Cup Pong GamePigeon Hacks

Cup Pong

One of the enjoyable things, especially for in-Game Pigeons, is defeating friends at a game. A lovely game is cup pong. I use GamePigeon Tips and Tricks when I play this game to defeat my friends.

The rules of this game are simpler to comprehend because, in my opinion, you have seen beer pongs. There are some fundamentals you must follow, like throwing the ball into more cups than your friend.

To win every game you play, just adhere to the guidelines and cheats listed below.

Cup Pong Rules

  • This game required a minimum of two players.
  • The first player who starts the game will have the first turn.
  • The more balls you place in the cups, the more points you will receive.
  • Players are only allowed one attempt to place the balls in the mug; if they fail, they must wait until another opportunity presents itself.
  • The number of balls placed in the mug will determine the winner.
  • If you want to defeat your friends then put more balls in the mug than your friends.

Cup Pong Hacks and Hacks to Win Each Game

  • Always put the ball into the middle-positioned cups when you start a game. Because there is no angle required, it is simpler to place the ball in the middle of the mug.
  • Once you’re done with it, the next thing is you capture all the nearest cups first, because there is no need to aim.
  • Make sure to preview it before throwing it, and if accuracy is required, use a ruler to aim the pot in the proper direction.
  • You can defeat your friend in the game by using these easy strategies.

Sea Battle

GamePigeon sea Battle

Game Pigeon offers you sea battle, an intriguing and enjoyable game if you enjoy battleship-based games. Again, if you don’t know how to play this game, I’ll go over everything you need to know, including the rules and sea battle cheats to defeat your pigeon opponent.

Gameplay and Rules

Learn how to play Pigeon Sea Battle; it has very straightforward gameplay. you just need to follow these game rules:

  • To begin the battleship, you must set your ship’s position on the board.
  • You then have to make a guess as to where your adversary’s ship might be. So, pay closer attention to this section.
  • Now the last and simple rule to win the game, is, that you have to completely destroy your enemy’s ship. And you’ll triumph, woohoo. Isn’t it simple?

Game Pigeon Hacks for Sea Battle

To be honest, there aren’t any real cheats to win a sea battle but if you carefully follow these instructions then you will surely win your battle and defeat your opponents: Here are some Game Pigeon tips to win a sea battle:

  1. Guess carefully, where your opponent’s ship might board. additionally, always hit the pattern’s target.
  2. After you’ve destroyed a ship, fire in all the nearby areas to find your next target.
  3. There is nothing you can do besides try to locate your adversary’s ships so you can target them.

Mini Golf

Golf Mini

What aspect of this game is crucial to winning? You’re right, you need to outscore your opponents in order to win every game you play on Game Pigeon. The game of mini-golf follows the same logic. The game is similar to Golf Rival and you can check the detailed guide I already have posted on best hacks and winning cheats for Golf Rival to understand the gameplay.

You must score more points than your opponent in fewer strokes to win a game of mini-golf on GamePig. Follow these easy tips carefully to win every round with maximum points:

  • Tip-1: Pick a worthy opponent. Always keep in mind that winning against an experienced opponent is difficult. So take a look at your opponent’s skills and choose a player who is the same as you in terms of experience. As a beginner, you have more chances to win against someone who is on the same level as you.
  • Tip-2: Decide on a game plan. Make sure your strategy for playing against your opponents is crystal clear. You will benefit from having the upper hand in every circumstance. Put your opponent under some pressure, and there’s a good chance that they will make a mistake. To give them less time to consider your shot, fire quickly.
  • Tip-3: Pay close attention to how your adversary moves. You will be better able to understand their strategy as a result, and your chances of winning games will increase. Try to follow their best moves (The way they are hitting the ball) to earn points.
  • Tip-4: Improve your movement creativity. Getting the hang of the shots and how to move in mini golf is not too difficult. The direction of angel shots can be determined using a directional guide. Make your shots using the options at hand.

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Conclusion: Game Pigeon Hacks

One of the well-liked games to play with friends and family is Game Pigeon. Darts, Mancala, 8 Ball, and other great games can be found in abundance on Game Pigeon. Losing these games with friends could make you frustrated. I discovered techniques that allow you to use Game Pigeon cheats to win every game you play with your friends.

The above-mentioned cheats and hacks you will use in games for Game Pigeon are all safe and valid without breaking any game rules or policy violations of the game. Trust me in your friends circle you will be the boss and can challenge anyone to play with you. You don’t need to be concerned about losing your game, even if you’re up against some skilled opponents.