How to Play 9 Ball Pool? A Beginner’s Guide

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Here is a brief introduction to 9 Ball.

Consider learning how to play 9-ball pool if you want to play a different kind of pool game besides 8-ball. This pool game is exciting, fun, and moves quickly. Playing this variation only requires 9 balls, as opposed to the 15 balls required to play 8-ball pool.

Here is a guide on how to play 9-ball pool.

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9 Ball Rules

The game kicks off with a diamond rack in accordance with Official 9 Ball Rules. The first ball is put at the diamond’s point in front of the other balls so that the person with the opening break can hit the first ball without fouling.

To stop experienced players from taking the game by storm after just a few shots, the 9 ball is put in the center of the diamond. The game can now be started by flipping a coin to determine who goes first.

The Break: To begin, flip a coin to determine who goes first. With the cue ball in hand and behind the head string, play begins. The first ball must be struck by the breaker, who must then pocket a ball or move at least four balls to the rail. If the tiebreaker doesn’t follow through, it’s up to the following player.

As long as you don’t foul, miss, or pocket the 9 ball to win the game, it’s still your turn after you pocket a ball. The next player must shoot from the spot where the cue ball was left on the table after you miss.

The incoming player has the ball in hand and can place it anywhere on the table if they are shooting after the previous player has made a foul shot.

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The winner is the first person to successfully pocket a 9-ball. You will undoubtedly encounter additional peculiar circumstances, so keep reading to learn how to play a game of 9 ball pool from start to finish.

How to Play 9 Ball Pool?

9 Even though it hasn’t gained much traction in the UK pool game scene, ball pool is an incredibly popular billiards-style game in America. How to play 9-ball pool is shown below.

Racking the Balls

To rack the balls:

  • Use a 9-ball rack with a unique diamond shape.
  • Start by setting the 1-ball over the foot spot at the top of the rack. The third row’s center must contain the 9-ball.
  • You can put the remaining numbered (object) balls, 2, 4, 6, and 8, in any order you like. Numerological order is preferred by some players. That is not necessary, though.

Use the triangular rack you use for an 8-ball pool if you don’t have a diamond-shaped 9-ball rack.

  • Over the foot spot, place the 1 ball at the top of the rack.
  • Place two balls below the first one next.
  • The 9-ball is in the middle of the third row of three balls.
  • Put two balls underneath the third row and one ball beneath the fifth row.
  • Prior to taking down the rack, make sure the balls are tightly stacked.


How to Play 9-Ball Pool – Blatt Billiards

Put the cue ball behind the head string—the second length-side marker—on the other side of the table. The play has to strike the 1-ball during the break.

Except for the 9-ball, each pocket must have at least one ball in it in order for a break to be deemed legal. Alternatively, at least three object balls and the cue ball, or four object balls, must collide with a rail.

Order of Play

Attempts to catch the object balls will be made by each player in turn. They can try to sink the 9-ball once all of the other balls have been put in the pocket.

Whenever a player pockets a ball, their turn is still in play. The next player enters the game as soon as they do not pocket the ball or commit a foul.

The sequence of Shots and Calling

Each time a player takes a turn, they must make sure the cue ball makes contact with the table’s lowest-numbered ball. But it’s not necessary to place the balls in a specific order. For instance, the 2-ball is the lowest ball on the table.

The 2-ball must be shot with the cue ball, and you can also hit another ball into a pocket using the 2-ball.

If you’re playing 9-ball pool, you don’t have to call your shots. Additionally, when sinking the 9-ball, there is no need to call the pocket.

Winning the Game

A player pockets the 9-ball to win the game. The actual game can be rather brief, so most players will instead engage in a 9-ball match. The winner of a match is the one who has won a predetermined number of games. A match, for instance, requires three victories in a row to win.

This video explains how to 9 ball pool:

Additional Rules and 9 Ball Terminology

  • Push Out – Players can verbally call for a “push out” where the shot is only intended to move the cue ball into a better position. During a push-out, you don’t have to contact any balls or rails. The push-out still falls under the foul rules. A pocketed 9 ball is the only ball that counts as having been pocketed during a push out; all other balls must stay in their respective pockets. The player who enters the game after a push out may shoot from that spot or pass to the player who executed the push out initially.
  • No Rail – when you make a shot and neither the cue ball nor a numbered ball hits a rail. A minimum of one ball must strike a rail on every shot. In the absence of a foul, this shot is regarded as an error, and the incoming player starts with the ball in hand.
  • Three Foul Rule – If three fouls or scratches are shot in three straight turns, the game is over. In order for this rule to be put into play, the other player must verbally declare that two foul shots have been made.

Tips for Playing Nine Ball Pool

What are our final top tips for being the best 9 Ball player you can be, now that you have all the necessary tools and an understanding of the rules?

  • Breaking is the most important play of the game, and be cautious when aiming for “The Golden Break”.
  • Make sure to hit 4 object balls against the rails if you are unable to hit the right ball.
  • Try to keep the cue ball in the center of the table. In this manner, you perfectly position yourself for your subsequent shot.


Here is a guide to playing 9 Ball pool. In contrast to traditional pool, which starts with a triangle-shaped ball, this game is played with nine balls that naturally have a diamond-shaped shape.

To pot every ball in the proper order, from 1 to 9, is the object of the game 9 Ball. However, the game is won by the player who successfully sinks the ninth ball with a legitimate shot.

9 ball pool has been around for some time now. Because you have to plan ahead to outshoot and outsmart your opponents, it’s a special kind of cue sport.

You’ll be able to comprehend game winning strategies more fully by brushing up on some fundamental skills and gaining more experience.