How to Play Game Pass on iPhone? a Beginner’s Guide

How to Play Game Pass on iPhone? a Beginner's Guide

Was aware that you could use Xbox Game Pass on your iPhone and iPad? Xbox Game Pass is a great service. You can begin by reading our beginner’s guide.

For Android users, Xbox Game Pass is nothing new, but it took longer for the service to launch as an open beta on iPhone and iPad devices. For Apple users, who can now access Game Pass’ enormous library of games from any location at any time, this could be a game-changer.

Here are a few techniques you can use if you have an iPhone and are looking for ways to play Game Pass on it.

How to Play Game Pass on iPhone?

You can use the Microsoft Edge browser to access Game Pass on your iPhone. Go to the Game Pass website and sign in there using your Microsoft account. After logging in, you can browse the game selection and choose the ones you want to play.

Another way to play Game Pass on your iPhone is to use the Xbox app. You can sign in to the Xbox app using your Microsoft account, and it’s free to download from the App Store. You can play the games you want and access the Game Pass library once you’ve signed in.


Last but not least, you can use the Remote Play function on your Xbox One to play Game Pass games on your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to your Xbox One using a USB cable and then select the “Remote Play” option from the options menu on the Xbox One. You can play any of the games in the Game Pass library as soon as you’re connected.

How to Play Game Pass on iPhone? a Beginner's Guide

Now that the Game Pass app is available, you can play Xbox Game Pass titles on your iPhone or iPad. This format is not permitted by Apple in the App Store. Microsoft consequently came up with a solution. Input from touch devices is not supported by all games in the store. Without a controller, some games either won’t start or are impossible to play.

The gaming experience on iOS can be improved by a number of accessories. The Backbone One is a popular choice for iPhone gamers because it is compatible with all iPhone models. You can mount your phone on a controller mount for the Xbox and PlayStation. On the internet, there is a lot of iPad table stands available.

What Controllers Can You Use for Xbox Game Pass?

When it comes to mobile games, very few are compatible with touch controls. Consequently, you will require a different controller in order to get the most out of your Xbox Game Pass games.

Many controllers available today support Bluetooth pairing with smartphones. These include the Xbox Wireless controller and the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. These can be Bluetooth-connected to any iOS device running iOS 13 or later.

The 8BitDo Mobile Gaming Clip, which is shown in the image above, is just one of many mobile grips for these controllers that are available. These brackets hold onto the controller while also suspending your phone directly above it. These are very practical for playing games on mobile devices and eliminate the need to rest your phone on something.

There are a number of other controllers available on the market that are made specifically for mobile gaming. For iOS, the Razer Kishi Controller (shown above) is a fantastic choice. This Bluetooth-connected controller cradles your device and connects to it, effectively converting your iPhone into a Nintendo Switch.

Connecting An Xbox Or PlayStation Game Controller to iPhone

How to Play Game Pass on iPhone? a Beginner's Guide

An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or later can be connected to an Xbox or PlayStation game controller if you already have one. On its website, Apple maintains a list of compatible controllers. On your mobile device, they function flawlessly and offer fantastic, lag-free gaming.

You must first activate Bluetooth pairing on your controller in order to connect it. Press and hold the PS and Share buttons simultaneously on PlayStation controllers until the light bar flashes. Turn on your Xbox controller before pressing and holding the connect button.

Now follow the steps below on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on by tapping on it.
  3. Tap on your controller under Other Devices to pair it with your iOS device.

You can now play any game in the Xbox Game Pass Store using your controller, which is currently connected to your iPhone or iPad.

Can You Play Xbox Game Pass Offline on iPhone?

Xbox Game Pass games can be played offline, but it requires some technical knowledge. To play these games offline, you’ll need to change some settings on your Xbox, which you’ll have to do in order to designate it as your “Home Xbox.” Under Settings, you’ll find a link to the My Home Xbox page.

Game Pass games can be played offline, but how? There are several steps in it. Game Passes, which are part of Microsoft Windows and the Xbox console are both very well-liked. The Xbox Cloud Gaming app offers the Xbox Game Pass on a number of platforms.

In a similar vein, Windows users can also access the PC Game Pass. Playing Xbox Game Pass games while offline: How do you do that? Make sure your Xbox console has enough storage before making any adjustments to its functionality.

Only once every 30 days do you need to verify your Windows account. Digistatement keeps you informed of both the most recent game news and game updates.

Conclusion: Play Game Pass on iPhone

Play Xbox games on your smartphone even if you don’t own an Xbox. Microsoft Cloud Gaming enables you to stream console games directly to your phone from Xbox Cloud.

It’s a big step forward for Apple that Xbox Game Pass is coming to iOS. Additionally, we’re interested to see what the future holds for iOS and cloud gaming.


Can You Play Xbox Games on iPhone Without Game Pass?

I don’t have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, but can I stream games from my iPhone? No, you will need to ensure that you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to stream games from your Apple device.

Why Can’t I Play Game Pass on My Phone?

Restart your phone. Clear the app cache. Select the app, then select Storage > Clear Cache from the Settings > Apps menu. Do it once more after clearing the app’s storage.

Can I Play Game Pass Games on the Cloud?

The local multiplayer feature of cloud gaming is not supported. At the moment, it can only support one player and one account simultaneously. Game Pass Ultimate or a supported free-to-play game is required for cloud gaming.