iPhone No Sound On Games: 13 Ways To Fix 2022

iphone no sound on games

Too many iPhone users are experiencing the same issue: they can hear sound from videos and music but not from games or apps that are running in the background. In other words, the iPhone user’s sound isn’t functioning properly. There are many reasons why there is no sound on the iPhone, including no sound on videos, a broken speaker, an unresponsive alarm, no sound on games or apps, no sound on incoming calls, a broken ringer, no text sound, and more. There are several solutions you can try if you don’t hear any sound on your iPhone.

Check Silent Mode

iPhone case – in case of you’re using Phone case, then I think sometimes you maybe accidentally toggling the Silent/Mute switch and that makes phone sound muted that I have also experienced,

Please make sure that silent mode is not activated on your phone. If it’s set upward side or Turn off, however, No game sound issues, then use Volume Up button to increase volume.

Also, Check Mute & Unmute settings option in the Game app.

Which Game Are You Playing?

You should check the game’s audio settings. The game developer creates the settings based on its own standards. Therefore, make sure the game’s sound toggle is not set to Off.

Version Of Games

The out-dated game version may cause the many issues for example recently you are facing game sound not working on XS Max or any iPhone.

Please open the App Store, tap the Update tab, find the game, and look for updates. Please update if there are any updates available before trying to play again.

Unplug your Bluetooth headphones if you want to hear sound in the game you’re playing while wearing them. Please remove your Bluetooth accessory in order to hear game sound in your room.

If none of the hints above work for you, don’t worry; we have gathered some workable solutions that you can use.

Restart Your iPhone

Press and hold the Side button & either volume button until the slider appears on your iPhone.

Once your iPhone has shut off, press and hold the Side button once more until the Apple logo appears. Visit the Apple Store. Apple support is also available by phone call.

Restore iPhone Using Itunes In Recovery Mode

  1. On a Mac or PC, launch iTunes.
  2. By using a lightning cable, join your iPhone to iTunes.

Now Hard Reboot your iPhone, Now press and quickly release the volume down button after pressing and quickly releasing the volume up button. And only press and hold the side button until you see the iTunes logo and the lighting cable on the screen.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

iphone no sound on games

Your iPhone will display a small moon symbol in the upper right corner when Do Not Disturb is activated, and there won’t be any sound playing. As a result, you must make sure it is turned off.

Test The iPhone Speaker

Select Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Under Ringers and Alerts, move the slider to the right to increase the volume. The iPhone speaker is functional if you hear a sound. If there is no sound, the hardware may need to be repaired on the device.

Disable Bluetooth

When your iPhone is paired with a Bluetooth audio device, sound is transmitted to the other device rather than the iPhone’s speaker. Bluetooth should be turned off in order for your iPhone to play music.

Check Third-party App Sound Settings

Customizable volume and sound mute settings are available in many third-party apps. The volume, music, sound effects, ambient audio, and other audio features, for instance, can all be adjusted separately in some games.

Search for audio or sound settings within the application. Enable audio, deactivate any custom mute settings, and raise the volume using the sliders. To make an icon active, either slide a slider up, slide a slider to the right, or tap the icon, depending on the app.

Try Headphones

Find the iPhone’s included headphones. Connect the headphones to the headset port on an older model iPhone. Connect the headphones to the Lightning port on newer iPhone models. (Additionally, this port accepts the charging cable.) While using an app that has audio, use the headphones to listen for audio.

Check Notification Settings For The App

Check the app’s notification sounds on your iPhone. Selecting a notification sound is an option in some applications, including Reminders and Messages. If this sound is set to None, the alert is silent. Choose None and select a sound.

Reset All Settings

Reset the iPhone settings if none of the aforementioned fixes your sound problem. This restores the iPhone’s factory defaults for the sound, display, and network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Contact Apple Support

Make a reservation at a Genius Bar or contact Apple Support. If none of the aforementioned solutions work, you might have a hardware issue. Your only option is to get in touch with Apple, no matter the problem.

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