Why Won’t Origin Work on My Mac? 10 Fixes!

why won't origin work on my mac

We’ll offer advice on how to fix Origin’s refusal to open on Mac. We have listed below quick and easy 10 ways to Fix “Origin Won’t Open”.

Origin may not work properly if you’re trying to play PC games on a Mac. We’re here to help, so in this article, we’ll share with you some tried-and-true techniques for quickly and easily fixing Origin won’t open. But first, let’s look at what Origin Won’t Open is and why it occurred before sharing the solutions.

What is Origin?

Origin is a PC gaming platform for Windows and Mac computers that was created by Electronic Arts, also known as EA. Origin is a platform that lets you play your favorite multiplayer video games, buy games, and connect with other gamers. It’s a platform that all players would like to have. the creation of profiles, cloud storage, live game streaming, etc. can be made use of by the users as well on Origin.

After determining what Origin is, the very next step in resolving my Origin won’t open is determining the most crucial question. Why won’t Origin open is the question.

Why Isn’t Origin Working on My Mac?

Users played games like Need for Speed, Mutant Year Zero, and others using the online gaming platform Origin. You can access the full version of the vault, the library of more than 100 games, and the constantly-updating EA title games with a free subscription. The access through Origin’s premier grabs you with all of its features and the limitless games of EA certificates.

As long as you are a Premier subscriber, you have access to play all of these games. You can also play a variety of games, including FIFA and Battlefield. These all have the Origin Store, a digital distribution program. So you can pay for a game for your device using your cards.

Users claim, however, that when they launch Origin to play and launch a game, Origin doesn’t respond and is unable to launch. Sometimes the application runs but is only visible in the device’s task manager. This might harm or infect your computer. You cannot open or launch The Origin on your Mac for the following reason.

  • Updater source– There could be a chance that the Origin source contains an error. While it is being updated, the Original source occasionally pauses to directly respond.
  • Cache corrupt– the stored caches corrupt, this can affect the Origin issue to occur.
  • Or ifin core issue- some problems exist with the core files of the client source.
  • Impaired files of the Origin– with the progression of Origin source, it creates temporary files to sharpen the access but sometimes these files are corrupted and this causes the client to stop responding. To make the Origin work properly, these files must be deleted.

These are a few of the factors that prevent Origin from operating on your device and force users to uninstall it. For you to make the Origin fully functional on your Mac, make sure to follow the instructions above.

How to Fix Origin Won’t Work on Mac?

What actions should you take if the Origin app won’t launch on your Mac? There are a number of tried-and-true methods to fix the Origin app’s failure to launch on your Mac, but their efficacy will vary depending on what caused the error. Here are the solutions you can use to resolve the Origin app not opening:

Method 1: Compatibility Troubleshooter

why won't origin work on my mac

Method 1 is all about Compatibility Troubleshooter, First, you have to run the compatibility troubleshooter which can help you to get rid of “Origin Won’t open Error“. Run Compatibility Troubleshooter by performing the steps listed below.

  • Right-click the Origin Shortcut icon on your desktop.
  • Select Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Activate Compatibility Troubleshooter by clicking.
  • Try Recommended Settings by clicking on it.
  • Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter once more if it doesn’t work.
  • According to the issues you have, pick the alternative.
  • If the issue still exists, make manual adjustments and then hit OK when finished.

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Method 2: Go through a Clean Boot

Try this method if method 1 doesn’t work for you. Just don’t miss any of the mentioned steps, otherwise, you will see the “Origin Won’t open Error” again.

  • Run dialog box can be accessed by pressing Win+R.
  • Type MSConfig and press enter.
  • Select Services tab.
  • Select the box labeled Hide All Microsoft Services, and then select Disable All.
  • Open Task Manager and click Disable after selecting the items for each startup.
  • Return to System Config and select OK.
  • Your computer is about to restart.
  • To see if the issue is still present, restart Origin.

Method 3: Delete the Origin Cache Files

Compared to the earlier methods, this one is quite difficult. Below are the instructions for deleting the Origin cache files.

  • Close Origin before launching Task Manager.
  • Type %ProgramData% into the Win+R search box and hit Enter.
  • With the exception of the Local Content Folder, open the Origin Folder and remove all of the files.
  • Once more launch the Origin Client.
  • This might make things right.

Method 4: Delete Origin‘s Temporary Files

The Temporary files for Origin must first be made visible because they are hidden by default. In the search box, type Folder. In the advanced settings, select Show Hidden Files, and then click OK. Press Win+R at the same time, type %AppData%, and then hit Enter. Delete the Origins folders as soon as the folder opens.

Method 5: Uninstall & Reinstall the Origin App

It’s possible that there will occasionally be a bug in the app itself if you’re using it. You can uninstall the Origin app for this first, then reinstall it. Your error might be fixed using this technique.

why won't origin work on my mac

Method 6: Run This Program as An Administrator

If Origin doesn’t have Administrator rights, it might occasionally stop functioning properly or the way you want it to. You should run the program as an Administrator in this case for the best results.

Method 7: Check Windows Update

You should take a look at your Windows OS if you’ve tried every solution on the market and nothing has resolved the issue. Go through your windows and see if any updates are available to see if Windows is the cause of the problem.

Method 8: Whitelist the Origin App on Your Antivirus Software

Due to the way the Origin app functions, antivirus software frequently prevents it from loading.

  • Include the Origin app in the list of programs that are immune to antivirus software to solve this problem.
  • Restart your Mac computer after completion to verify that the Origin app is now operational.

Method 9: Deploy the First Aid Tool

Run the First Aid tool if, after adding the Origin app to your Mac’s whitelist, it still won’t launch. Here are the steps to take to make this possible:

  • Select the Search option on the desktop.
  • Enter ‘Disk Utility‘ as the search query.
  • Locate the Internal tab, and select the Mac SSD.
  • From the list visible, select the ‘First Aid‘ tool.
  • Then, use the ‘First Aid‘ to resolve the ‘‘Origin won’t open” error.
  • Once it’s finished, select ‘Done’.

Method 10: Deploy the Origin Reset Tool

The Origin Reset Tool might be your best option if the earlier techniques don’t seem to be working, especially if the issue is neither an antivirus problem nor a cache problem. To utilize the tool, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the ‘Origin Reset‘ using a Mac browser as a tool.
  • Identify the download location and Open the ‘ResetOrigin.zip‘ file.
  • With the file opened, Select the ‘Reset Origin‘ option.
  • To confirm you’re aware of your actions, you’ll need to provide your user details – ID and password, then click OK.
  • After that is finished, you must download the app again.

Is There Any Alternative to Origin Available for Mac?

If you use a Mac, you might be wondering if there is an Origin substitute you can use. Sadly, there isn’t an official Origin client for Mac right now.

You can use a few unauthorized clients, though. One popular option is CrossOver. Another option is to use Wine to run Origin on your Mac in the Windows version.


One of the most widely used programs for running Windows games and applications on Macs is CrossOver. You can play Origin games on your Mac using this free and open-source software. CrossOver can be downloaded from the website.


You can use Wine to run Windows programs on a Mac. The Mac version of Origin can be run on Windows using Wine.

Wine must first be downloaded and installed before you can proceed. After completing this, visit the Origin website to download Origin for Windows. You must use Wine to open it after downloading it.

Will Uninstall Origin Delete My Games?

why won't origin work on my mac

Your games will be removed from Origin after removal. Although you will still be able to play the installed games on your device, you will need to reinstall Origin. The Origin and the games must be reinstalled if they were previously installed on one partition or in one folder. If the game is installed on disc D and the Origin application is on disc C, you can also use an external drive to install Origin.

Because if you remove Origin from your device, you will need to reinstall the file in order to play the games and other content that you downloaded. Removing the verified files is risky. The only way to play games is to reinstall Origin, which will also reinstall your game.

How Do I Uninstall and Reinstall Origin on Mac?

Uninstalling software is not included with Origin. As a result, you must manually remove it and ensure that any leftover files are deleted. Here is the manual process for removing Origin from a Mac.

How to Delete Origin on Mac Manually?

  1. Launch Origin, hit the Quit button, then drag Origin to the Trash in the application folder.
  2. The Library folder will appear in the drop-down menu when you open your Finder window, click the Go menu, and then hold down the Alt key.
  3. You must remove all the Origin application’s related files by opening the library folder, and finding and deleting the following files.
  4. Application Support > Origin
  5. Caches > Origin
  6. Caches > com.ea.Origin
  7. LaunchAgents > com.ea.Origin.WebHelper.plist
  8. Preferences > com.ea.Origin.plist
  9. Saved Application State > com.ea.ActivationUI.savedState
  10. Saved Application State > com.ea.Origin.savedState
  11. Saved Application State > com.ea.OriginER.savedState
  12. If the Macintosh HD is already there, open the Finder and click it. Then, select Preferences from the menu bar. Additionally, you can drag these files to Macintosh by selecting it from the Spotlight menu.
  13. Library > Origin
  14. Library > Application Support > Origin
  15. Library > LaunchDaemons > com.ea.Origin.ESHelper.plist
  16. Library > PrivilegedHelperTools > com.ea.Origin.ESHelper
  17. After that, empty your trash and restart your device. Currently, all of the Original’s associated files have been deleted.
why won't origin work on my mac

Now that you know how to manually uninstall Origin on a Mac, make sure you adhered to the instructions above.

How to Reinstall Origin on Mac?

To reinstall Origin on Mac follow these steps:

  1. You can now locate the dmg file you previously downloaded. Drag the document to the garbage.
  2. In the Finder window, locate the Origin Application and delete it.
  3. Click the Trash bin’s right arrow to empty it.
  4. The Origin installer for your Mac can now be downloaded once more.
  5. Start downloading the Origin after opening the installer.

After doing so, you can download Origin once more to your Mac device.

How Do I Completely Uninstall Origin on Mac Automatically?

Along with the methods mentioned above, you can also use iMyMac PowerMyMac to quickly and completely remove the Origin application from your Mac. The good thing about this tool is that you don’t need to go through many steps to locate all the related files of the Origin application, and it will guarantee that there aren’t any leftover files on your device.

You can delete all the associated files using PowerMyMac. All you need to do is click on the files that you want to delete. so that you can prevent unintentional file deletion. A few steps are needed to complete the process, here’s how to uninstall Origin on Mac completely using the PowerMyMac:

  1. Get PowerMyMac for your computer and install it.
  2. When you launch the program, you will be able to use the main display to see the current state of your device’s network.
  3. You can now begin the process of uninstalling Origin on a Mac by selecting the App Uninstaller from the display’s left corner.
  4. Simply click the SCAN button to scan the Origin application, and PowerMyMac will do a full scan of all associated files.
  5. After you scan the files, the files now are ready for viewing, you can now check what to remove and what you want to reside on the list of files that the PowerMyMac
  6. The files are now prepared to be deleted after being marked as belonging to the Origin application.
  7. Once you have cleaned up and deleted all of the Origin application’s files, click the CLEAN button to finish.

You now know how to quickly uninstall Origin on a Mac. The next time you download the program, you can use PowerMyMac to clean the files once more.

Final Thoughts

This concludes the article on Origin not working. Access Origin can now be used without encountering any problems. The Origin app is prone to errors like the inability to shut down because of its nature. Fortunately, there are solutions available. The majority of Mac users have found the aforementioned solutions to be very beneficial in getting rid of the “Origin won’t work” issue.

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